Learn to use your Asking Style to your full advantage!

Get in-depth insight and training on how to take your fundraising to the next level with a video training, worksheet, and bonus materials.

Use your personality to be more confident asking for gifts and raise more than ever before!

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Features and Benefits

What you’ll learn

  • Your Asking Style strengths and challenges
  • How to use your Asking Style to:
    • Choose the right prospects for you
    • Make your strongest case for support
    • Gather information on the organization and your prospects
    • Set up your meetings successfully
    • Make comfortable and effective asks
    • Follow through with your donors
  • How your Secondary Asking Style comes into play
  • Which asking partners, organizations, staff positions, and board positions complement your Asking Style
  • Training tips for your Asking Style


What you’ll get

  • 35-minute in-depth video
  • 4-page companion worksheet
  • Top 8 Tips for Your Asking Style
  • An Intentional Conversation Outline
  • Conversation Questions for Cultivation & Solicitation Meetings
  • Top Ten Ways to Get Started Asking
  • Segue to the Ask Guidelines

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