As a Go-Getter, I enjoy expressing my feelings but have learned not everyone else does. By understanding the Asking Styles, I am getting better at assessing donors quickly to understand what Style they may be. Knowing this, I can adjust my approach, earn trust more quickly with the donor and make them more comfortable. This opens up the space for more meaningful conversations. More meaningful conversations lead to larger gifts that donors are excited to make.

Joe Tumulo, Fundraising Trainer and Coach – Willows Grove, PA

Do you want to get out more to ask? Do you want to be more successful when you’re out? This video guarantees to help you do just that!

Master asker Brian Saber will take you through the entire process from choosing the right prospects to following up after an ask in this exclusive web-training session.

Dig in deep as Brian explores your Go-Getter Asking Style. Understand how your Secondary Asking Style – Rainmaker or Kindred Spirit – influences how you might ask most comfortably and effectively.

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Here’s what you’ll learn

  • Play to your strengths and work on your challenges
  • Apply your Style to the Five Steps of the Ask
  • Learn how to partner effectively with the other Styles

Here’s what you’ll get

  • Access to the video training
  • Training worksheet
  • Top Eight Go-Getter Asking Tips
  • An Intentional Conversation Outline
  • Conversation Questions for Cultivation & Solicitation Meetings
  • Top Ten Ways to Get Started Asking
  • Segue to the Ask Guidelines

Want to start asking more effectively this year?

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“Applying the Asking Styles has really helped us. We’re at 85% of our staff-derived revenue goal with 4 months to go in the fiscal year; last year at this point, we weren’t quite at 50%!”

Scott Koskoski

Former Director of Major and Planned Gifts
Morris Animal Foundation, Denver, CO

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