Asking Styles Get a Great Feature in Planned Giving

by Brian Saber

Viken Mikaelian, CEO and Author of recently featured Brian Saber and the Asking Styles in his quarterly publication.

Asking Matters President, Brian Saber, touches on a number of topics including the Asking Styles. He talks about his start in the nonprofit community, the benefits of being authentic in fundraising, as well as his personal struggles and ultimate success learning how to overcome being a shy fundraiser.

Being included in Planned Giving is a great opportunity to introduce the Asking Styles to a new group of fundraisers. Learning how to best utilize your personality is all a part of becoming a better asker, and it starts with the Asking Styles Assessment. A mini-quiz is included in the article, but be sure to take the full Asking Styles Assessment here.

Read the Asking Styles feature here or access the full newsletter from Planned Giving here.

There is no such thing as the “perfect” or “ideal” fundraiser. Your story is probably similar to mine. I wanted to make a difference in the world, decided to go into the non-profit sector, was asked to fundraise along the way, found I was good at it…and here I am 30 years later!

So, if most of us aren’t the prototypical fundraiser, what does that mean? It means we need to embrace all the wonderful qualities each and every one of us brings to our work, and we need to play to our strengths. We need to fundraise in our own Asking Style. – Brian Saber


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