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Asking Face-to-Face: What Does that Mean Today (in a Post-Pandemic World)?

This has been a time like no other.

For those of us on the frontline asking for gifts, we’ve had to figure out new ways to move forward. We’ve had to understand the value and challenge of technology as our primary tool. We’ve had to deal with the unique situation of every one of our donors going through their own significant journey at the same time. And more. Where does that leave us now?

What do we need to ask ourselves as we emerge from the worst of this pandemic and can once again join our colleagues and donors in person, at least in most of the United States and some other parts of the world? What might we ask our donors to learn how they experienced the pandemic and how it might have changed their outlook? What does it mean that we might be moving away from virtual cultivation events toward hybrid or in-person events?

Fundraising is about asking questions. Here are Brian Saber’s key questions to ask ourselves and our donors:

Though the pandemic had very few silver linings, there were some in the fundraising world. For the past 15 months I’ve been suggesting this was a wonderful opportunity to learn about our donors.


What do we need ask ourselves as we emerge from the worst of this pandemic and can once again join our colleagues and donors in person?


Asking Matters

Start Where You Are… and Learn How to Do It Your Way

Asking individuals for money is anxiety-provoking for most of us, especially without training. Brian Saber and the Asking Matters team can give you that training and get you past that anxiety so you can raise the money that makes your programs sail.

If you’re ready to raise more money and get out there more often, here are three amazing ways to become a more comfortable and effective asker.

Choose the one that makes the most sense given where you’re at today:

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Boards and Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success

Brian Saber’s second book is out now!

“This book is indeed a ‘roadmap’ and every board member and executive director should have a copy. I particularly love how Brian talks about leadership, camaraderie, and developing everyone’s personal story.”

– Andrea Kihlstedt, Co-Founder, Capital Campaign Masters

Asking Face-to-Face: What Does That Mean Today?

Free videos and materials to help your organization through the COVID-19 Crisis.

Sometimes words seem meaningless. These days, almost everything sounds trite knowing the magnitude of loss we’re all facing. But I do need to say I hope you and yours are well, and that your nonprofits can sustain themselves. We are an incredibly wonderful part of society in every way. Can you imagine what wouldn’t exist without the nonprofit world ? I can’t.

Many of your peers have asked me whether you’re worthy of funding now. Whether it might be unseemly in some way to be asking at this time, especially if you’re not providing life-saving services.

I strongly believe you should ask. It’s all about how you ask, not whether you do. If you acknowledge the horrific situation while also talking about the impact your organization has…and will have when we get through this pandemic…you are being respectful while underscoring the importance of your organization.

I would propose if you don’t ask you are signaling you’re not important – that your survival is not important. If that were the case, why did you exist before today and why did they support you then? Your work is important to society and we need you here next year.

On March 23rd, I ran a webinar to reach out to our community and hear their thoughts. It was incredibly heartwarming to connect with so many members of our wonderful non-profit world, though I am deeply saddened by the incalculable challenges you all are facing. If you didn’t get to join me live, the video and slides are available below, along with several video recordings and resources to help you and your organization. I also wrote seven scripts/emails to use with various donors in the context of asking for gifts.

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With all my good thoughts,

Brian Saber, President of Asking Matters

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Listen to the Fundraising Master: Conversations with Jerry Panas from 2018

Brian Saber had the honor of sitting down with Jerry Panas for five days in 2018. They covered many of the key topics Jerry wrote about over his singular career.

On the anniversary of Jerry’s July 2018 passing, Brian and Felicity, Jerry’s widow, were delighted to share these conversations with the field.

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Are you beating your head against the wall trying to get your board fully committed to fundraising?

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Does everything seem to fall on deaf ears?

Here’s why, rubber stamps don’t fundraise!

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There are several important lessons you need to understand when it comes to asking for the big bucks. Today I want to share three of them with you. Getting these three things right ultimately led to the largest single donation I’ve ever solicited in my entire life.

Now, while I can’t guarantee that if you follow these lessons you’ll bring in millions of dollars like I did, I can promise that if you DON’T understand these three things you’re putting yourself in a much tougher position

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If you’re like most fundraisers, you’ve got way too many potential prospects. Some days it seems as if everyone can be a prospect – including your mother! The sheer magnitude of the job is enough to stop you dead in your tracks.

But here’s the thing, if you set out to cultivate everyone, you’ll cultivate no one. And if you cultivate no one, I can guarantee your solicitations won’t result in the gifts your organization needs to thrive

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See what members are saying about Asking Matters

"When I ran across Asking Matters and the Asking Styles Assessment, I finally realized anyone could ask, and success is based more on catering to one’s particular strengths than trying to be something one is not. I feel so much more comfortable with my role now."

Kylie Pierce

Develoment Officer
Rome Capitol Theatre
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"Asking Matters does a great job of focusing on the asker and what strengths he or she brings to the table. I find great comfort in being able to approach the asking process through the lens of Styles, particularly when I’m training board members or volunteers."

Ninette Enrique

Director of Development
St. Lukes School of New Canaan, CT
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"It wasn’t until I learned about the Asking Styles and that I was a Kindred Spirit that I understood I don’t have to be everything to be great at my job and make an impact. This has led to much less stress which means I’m more present, confident, and authentic with donors and prospects."

Sarah Janzen

Major Gift Officer
California Academy of Sciences
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See what members are saying about Asking Matters

“When I ran across Asking Matters and the Asking Styles Assessment, I finally realized anyone could ask, and success is based more on catering to one’s particular strengths than trying to be something one is not. I feel so much more comfortable with my role now.”

Kylie Pierce

Develoment Officer
Rome Capitol Theatre
Read Kylie’s full interview

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