Asking Styles Training for Boards

Have your entire board learn about their Asking Style, and how to use it to their advantage!

Get access to 35-minute recorded trainings for every Asking Style, an interactive worksheet, and bonus learning exercises – all hosted on a custom landing page for your organization!

Preview a sample landing page

Are your board members uncomfortable reaching out to cultivate relationships and ask for gifts?

Have your entire board learn about their Asking Style, and how to use it to their advantage with our Asking Styles Recorded Trainings!

This cost-effective training method can help get your board more comfortable asking for gifts and building relationships for your organization. We will get you set up with a custom, private landing page which hosts all four Asking Style Recorded Trainings, the training worksheets, and bonus exercises to do with your board. Here’s how the process works:

  • We set up a customized, branded landing page with your logo and a photo of your choice
  • Each board member watches the recorded training for their Style and completes the related worksheet
  • Everyone can watch all the trainings and come back as often as they want
  • Includes instructions for three Asking Styles exercises to conduct virtually or in person after the trainings are completed by the board. The exercises include:
    • Your Asking Style Matters – Helps board members embrace their differences as fundraisers.
    • Find Your Own Words – An opportunity for board members to practice telling their personal story.
    • Ask as You’d Be Asked – Help board members understand that how we liked to be asked impacts how we go about it ourselves.

In order for us to set up your customized landing page, you will need to send us your logo and one photo of your program in action (if desired) once you complete your order. Once you send us your details, we will email you back within 72 hours with the landing page address and password – it really is that easy!

Preview sample landing page

Here’s what it costs:

tier 1

10-25 participants

$13 per person

tier 2

26-50 participants

$12 per person

tier 3

51-100 participants

$11 per person

tier 4

100+ participants

$10 per person

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