Individual Asking Matters Memberships for Board Members

Get membership at Asking Matters for each of your board member…at a reduced rate!

Learn new things every week individually to share with the team, keep asking front and center on your radar screen, and be inspired by other members in our community.

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Have your Entire Board Learn Along the Way and Become Part of a Community

This cost-effective membership can help get your board more comfortable asking for gifts and building relationships for your organization. We will get you set up with memberships for your selected team members or everyone at the organization! Each board member only needs to devote 1-2 hours of their time every month to learn over time.

Every membership includes:

Access to the Asking Matters Members Portal: Every board member will be given a unique user name and password, which they will use to access the Member Portal at Asking Matters. This is the hub where they can sign up for webinars, view and save resources to their user library, and update their information.

Office Hours: Two 30-minute live webinars every month, presented by me (or a guest expert on occasion!). One covers a specific topic, and one the other is an opportunity for you and your fellow members to ask any questions you have. I’ll solicit those questions in advance and you can also ask any other questions you have as we go along. These sessions will be recorded and sent to you, and they’ll also reside on the website.

Monday Morning Matters: A special piece of asking advice in your inbox at the start of every week to get you started on the right foot!

Membership in the Member Outpost Facebook Group: a community of fellow askers from around the country and the world. Fundraisers with similar experiences – development professionals, executive directors, board members, consultants, and more. Share your struggles, learn from them, and compare notes. The opportunity to connect with so many others who know exactly what you’re dealing with is invaluable.

A Vast Array of Downloadable Resources: exercises, sample materials, guides, and more. Downloadable so you can access your materials any time you need them! This also includes access to a personal Membership Library, where you can store your favorite resources and webinars!

Here’s what it costs:

The rate is based on how many members you have, and uses a simple pricing structure:

5-15 members: $7 per person per month
16-49 members: $6 per person per month
50 or more members: $5 per person per month

We require a six-month minimum for membership, but you are free to cancel anytime after that.

To order a customized membership package, please contact us directly so we can get you set up. Once we complete your order, we will ask you for a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet with the names and email addresses of the members you wish to add. Once we have that, we will set them up and they will receive welcome emails with their login information. It really is that simple!

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