Frequently Asked Questions

login information

How do I find my password?

If you’ve lost your password, you can request a new one here. You will receive a link to create a new password via email when you enter your username or email address on file.

How do I change my password?

Once you’ve logged in, go to “account settings” under the library menu dropdown, or click the “my account” tab within your library panel. You will be taken to your account center, where you can easily change your password under “my account –> change your password for this site.”

asking styles

Where do I find my Asking Style if I forget it?

You can find your Asking Style by logging into your account and going to Your Library. Your Asking Style is displayed in the upper left corner. You can also retake the Asking Style Assessment any time!

Can I have more than one Asking Style?

Everyone has a Primary Asking Style and a Secondary Asking Style. When you take the Asking Style Assessment the results will depict that.

Will the material be customized based on my personal Asking Style?

Yes. There are video trainings on each of the four Asking Styles, and all other relevant video trainings, as well as webinars, courses, and various documents, are based on the Asking Styles concept.


Do you offer discounts if my organization buys multiple memberships?

Yes, we have special rates for any purchase of 5 or more memberships. Please contact for further information.

Do you provide receipts for recurring memberships?

You will receive a receipt after your initial purchase. For ongoing proof of purchase of a recurring membership, please refer to your credit card statement. A separate receipt will not be generated.

Is there a minimum commitment on the monthly membership?

There is no minimum commitment. You can sign up and cancel your membership in the same month and you will not be charged a second time.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership by visiting the cancel account page. Once your account is cancelled, you will be removed from our members-only mailing lists and you will receive a confirmation email.

training & presenting

Do you offer customized trainings to organizations?

Yes, Brian trains staff and board members around the country. He works with individual organizations, associations, and conferences. Brian’s marquis product is a half-day training, Asking: Art & Science, which is appropriate for any group looking to increase their face-to-face individual gift work. Brian also trains by webinar and develops multi-part web-based training for numerous organizations. Contact Brian directly at for further information.

Does anyone make presentations on the Asking Styles?

Yes, Brian presents at board meetings, staff and board trainings, and conferences. His presentations are customized in content and length to fit the client’s need. Contact Brian directly at to invite him to your organization.

Can I use materials from the Asking Matters site for my organization?

Yes, we encourage you to use the material you find on the site, but be sure to use it in the format and style provided, and to credit Asking Matters verbally and in writing at the bottom of each document you use.

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