Fundraising 101 for Board Members

How to Make an Impact at the Organization You Love

If you’re like all your peers, struggling to get your board to “give and get” to the best of their ability, struggling to find the time and money to train them and get them to understand how critical their active involvement in fundraising is, then this webinar is for you.

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Are your board members not getting out to cultivate relationships and ask for gifts?

Do you find it difficult to get your board to understand its role in “giving and getting”?

We can help… Just in time for the fall are our highly praised Fundraising 101 webinars, designed to give your board members a fuller understanding of how they can best impact their organization and feel more empowered to go out and help.

Your board members don’t have to attend the same webinar! We have 4 separate dates they can choose at their convenience.

Webinars take place February 27th, 28th and March 1st. Watch a preview for this webinar!

This webinar sparked conversation with the board members on coming together to build strategy and rank priorities – key to moving forward!

I think it will help support stronger board engagement in fund development at our Council. As a staff person, these resources are invaluable!

What your board members will learn:

  • Why it’s so important every member make a personally significant gift based on his or her capacity.
  • How a strong board manages board solicitation and incorporates that into an annual review process of each board member.
  • A stronger understanding of the asking process and how to make a case for support that plays to their strengths.
  • Why every board member must be involved in fundraising even though they might not ask for gifts face-to-face, but everyone can play a role in identifying and cultivating prospects and asking someone for something (in-kind, participation, connections).
  • Which prospects are the best match.
  • Everyone can be effective asking for gifts. The Asking Styles will help them understand the strengths they bring to the table and how to apply them to asking.
  • A basic system through which they can have rich dialogs with each other about resource development.

Your board members don’t have to attend the same webinar! We have 3 separate dates they can choose at their convenience.

Here’s what it costs:

tier 1

up to 15 participants


tier 2

up to 30 participants


tier 3

up to 45 participants


Have questions? Contact us here for more information on Fundraising 101 for Board Members.

here’s what they’ll get

  • 1-hour webinar at their convenience
  • 4-page worksheet to fill in as they listen
  • Link to recording and a PDF of slides

here’s what you do

  • Choose the price that fits your board size.
  • Sign up and receive a link to a page that describes the webinars and includes links to the registration forms.
  • Send an email (or two!) with a link to the information page to your board members encouraging them to participate.
  • In fact – we’ve written a sample email you can send to your board members explaining what the webinars are about.

here’s what your board members do

  • Choose the date that works best for their schedule:
    • Tuesday, February 27th, 12-1 ET
    • Wednesday, February 28th, 1-2pm ET
    • Thursday, March 1st, 2-3pm ET
  • Sign up for a webinar
  • Get an email with webinar instructions (and two reminders!)
  • Receive a link to their recording so they can listen again (or in case they couldn’t attend)

You’ll also get a link to a recording to send to everyone who didn’t sign up!

All your board members do not have to attend the same webinar! We have 4 separate dates they can choose at their convenience!

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