Board Governance & Fundraising with Michael Davidson

Michael was our board governance expert until his passing the beginning of 2022. We hope you will find these materials and blog posts helpful.

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Michael Davidson’s Free Resources

Board Governance Manual

An incredible manual which Michael provided for free on his website. This Manual suggests Board management guidelines to maximize the support, oversight and guidance that the Board Can provide while effectively engaging the passion and commitment of board members.

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Board Conflict and Board Leadership Guide

Another amazing and detailed document provided on Michael’s website. This guide covers the symptoms of board conflict, how conflict arises, and an overview of how to alleviate conflict and guide the board to success.

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Michael’s Blog Posts

The Added Bonus of Board Service: Leadership and Management Training

“Board members can strengthen their ability to work with a team, see issues from different perspectives, and reach decisions by consensus. They learn how to represent an organization, speak about it passionately, develop relationships and obtain important resources.”

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Achieving Board Diversity and Inclusion

“This is a critical time in our history as we finally begin to acknowledge our national failure to take seriously our commitment to equity and the strength we derive from our diversity. Implementing the values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion carries some special challenges for Boards of Directors.”

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Developing Rules of the Road

“Coaches develop by learning from their players. They watch and learn by reflecting on the skills and qualities that underlie their player’s success. In this newsletter, I’d like to share some of what I have been learning from my clients.”

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Transitioning from a Founding Board

“A small board cannot establish all of the needed committees. It is however important to lay the foundation for a full committee structure by establishing one or two committees to develop committee management practices.”

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