Nine Asking Resolutions for 2017 – Which Will You Make?

Published on December 20, 2016

Brian Saber

President of Asking Matters
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Ready to up your asking game in 2017? How about setting some New Year’s resolutions.

My Kindred Spirit intuitive side doesn’t lend itself to resolutions but my secondary Mission Controller analytic side helps me put some in place. So I always make resolutions for the New Year – some personal and some professional – and while I don’t fulfill them all, making them gives me a focus and a yardstick.

Which of these would you put at the top of your list? Select a resolution below to see how you compare to your fellow fundraisers!

1. Make 10% more face-to-face solicitations

Easy to measure and the more I ask the more I’ll get.

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2. Increase the amount my donors talk by 10%

If they talk 50% on average, what can I do to bump it to 60%? Maybe I’ll write out at least five questions to ask each donor.

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3. Ask for the training I need to feel confident and prepared

What challenges me most? Setting up the meeting? Making the actual ask? Following through? I’m going to find the resource I need and ask for it.

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4. Help my board have more ownership

They won’t make personally significant gifts or help fundraise unless they agree to do so as a group and then monitor themselves. I’m going to start by helping them develop a process to solicit themselves for annual fund gifts.

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5. Write all contact reports within 24 hours

I know the longer I wait the less I’ll remember, and keeping track of what I’ve learned is critical so my organization doesn’t always have to start from scratch with a donor.

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6. Ditch one fundraising event

All my events aren’t equally worthwhile. In fact, I know one or two are tired and unproductive. If I get rid of the one that’s least effective it will open up the time the whole team needs to cultivate and solicit major gifts.

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7. Remember why I love my organization

Or fall in love with it again. I’ve got to love it and be proud of it to get out there and sell it. I’ll visit programs and talk to program staff to get inspired.

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8. Always ask for an exact amount

No excuses. If I can’t ask for an exact amount I have to ask myself why. I know they’re much stronger asks.

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9. Feel great about myself

Asking isn’t easy and it generally isn’t fun. I do it because I care and want to make the world a better place. I feel great knowing I’m making a difference.

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