Brian’s Office Hours

Twice a month, Brian Saber covers a popular topic in a live, interactive webinar.

Members can attend webinars, view recorded sessions and ask questions to be discussed live.

2018 Office Hours Schedule

January Asking for an Exact Amount
The Role of the Governance Committee in Fundraising
February Asking for overhead and salaries
Best practices for the board fundraising committee
March Challenges getting meetings
Role of the DOD – managing up to the ED and board
April Staff transitions and donor retention
The evolution of boards and the impact on fundraising
May Curveballs in meetings
Soliciting the board for their gifts
June Where to find new prospects
Donors’ Asking Styles
July How to dress for meetings
Making sure board meetings have a fundraising component
August Small talk is big talk
Where to find good stories
September Dealing with the fear of asking
Board member prospectus and job description
October In-person vs. phone vs. email
Using board meetings to train the board
November Figuring out where to meet
ED as sole fundraiser
December Dealing with donor indecision
Responding to no to a meeting

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