Brian’s Office Hours

Twice a month, Brian Saber covers a popular topic in a live, interactive webinar.

Members can attend webinars, view recorded sessions and ask questions to be discussed live.

2017 Office Hours Schedule

January Introduction to Asking Styles
Introduction to Arc of the Ask
February Determining the Ask Amount
Digging Deep into Maybe and No Responses
March The Role of the Asker
How to Lead Asking Exercises
April How to Support Each Asking Style
What’s a Major Gift for Your Organization
May How to Maximize Board Giving
Challenging Donors – What to Do?
June Getting in the Door
Partnering on Asks
July Developing Your Strong Case for Support
Cultivating Donors Year-Round
August Asking for Planned Gifts
Train Your Board to Ask
September Focus Your Fundraising Events on Fundraising
Responding to Resistance to Meeting
October How to Lead Asking Exercises
How to Develop a Culture of Asking
November Getting Your Board Involved in Fundraising
Top Strategies for Closing Gifts
December Reengaging Lapsed, Lost & Lukewarm Donors
Creating Strong Asking Plans

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