Rubber Stamps Don’t Fundraise Free Trial

This 2-week free trial grants you access to the video recording, worksheet, and discussion outline for Module 1 of the course. If you choose to purchase the full course, you will be given access to the remaining three modules, a large collection of materials to help you succeed, and email and Facebook group support from us. Please note – the free trial only allows you one set of log-in information. However, if you purchase the course you will be able to sign up fellow team members to get them on board – you can sign up as many as you like!

About This Free Trial

You are required to enter your billing information in order to sign up for the 2-week (14 day) free trial period. When you enter your billing information , you will not be charged by Asking Matters until the free trial has expired at the end of the 2-week (14 day) period.

On the last day of the free trial period, unless you cancelled your trial, you will be automatically charged the applicable fee for Rubber Stamps Don’t Fundraise. This amount is $495.00, and is charged one time.

If you would like to cancel your free trial, you can do so immediately by reaching out to us at before the trial period is over. Once your free trial is cancelled, you will no longer be able to access the content, and you will not be charged for the course. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase the entire course before your free trial period is over, you can also do so by contacting us at We will get your account upgraded for full access!


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