Are Your Fundraising Events Really Making Money?

webinar hosted by Brian Saber

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Are Your Fundraising Events Really Making Money? It’s Time to Figure That Out.

I hope you’ll join me for this hands-on session to figure out what your events are really costing you and whether they’re as helpful monetarily as you thought.

Yes, events are helpful in many ways, but do they have to be fundraising events? Is the money and time you sink into them really paying off? Or are you just doing them, as so many tell me, “because we’ve always done them.”

COVID has certainly helped us rethink events, come up with amazingly creative solutions, and in many cases spend less to make the same amount. But what happens post-COVID when we’re mostly back in person?

Join me to dissect your events so that you and your fellow staff and board members can fully understand the economics and can make informed decisions next time around.

Please come prepared to use the figures from one of your fundraising events – maybe the one you’re most concerned about. I’ll be providing a worksheet to fill out as we go along.

You’ll walk away:

  • knowing how to calculate total cost
  • understanding the opportunity costs
  • better able to marshall your budget and your donors for the best ROI

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