Fundraising Masters Series with Andrea Kihlstedt

Using Capital Campaign Strategies to Raise More in your Annual Fundraising

what you’ll learn:

  • the secrets of capital campaign fundraising from expert Andrea Kihlstedt
  • why capital campaigns raise so much money
  • how to engage and involve volunteers
  • how to use 3 essential campaign tools
  • the best way to set the right fundraising goal for your board

Ever wonder why organizations that raise $500,000 in their annual fund can turn around and raise $5 million or even $10 million in a capital campaign? Is it magic? Capital campaign expert, Andrea Kihlstedt, will let us in on the secrets of capital campaign fundraising and help us figure out how to apply some of the basic lessons to our ongoing fundraising.

Turns out, it’s NOT magic. Capital campaigns use specific strategic approaches to fundraising that engage people, create a clear focus on larger gifts and an energy that drives success. Andrea will show you how you can adapt these campaign strategies to raise more money for your organization year after year.

You can’t be in campaign mode every day of the week but you can apply many of its principles to up your game and raise more money.

Andrea Kihlstedt is the author of THE book on capital campaign fundraising and co-founder (with Gail Perry) of Capital Campaign Magic. Sign up for their mailing list and ask for a free strategy session here on the CCM website.

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