Fundraising Masters with Jerry Panas

Part III

If you joined us live for this webinar, you know what a treat it was. Lots of us like to think we’re experts in the field, but when Jerry Panas shares what he’s learned from six decades of experience, we realize how much we still have to learn!

As usual, we could have spent hours with Jerry as there are so many topics to hear from him about, but we managed to talk about three:

  • What makes a great fundraiser
  • What makes a great board
  • Women in philanthropy, as donors and fundraisers

To hear all Jerry’s words of wisdom, be sure to watch the recording, or listen to the MP3!

Bonus Materials

Many thanks to Jerry for providing two sample documents – a board member report card and a board member letter of understanding.

Board Report Card
Thomas Aquinas Letter of Understanding
PDF of the Slides

Jerry’s New eBook – Free to Download

Jerry’s written a wonderful new eBook – “I’m Not Going to Ask” – which we touched on today. It identifies the 24 top reasons board members give for not fundraising, and how to respond to each one! A fantastic tool to help you counter the resistance common among board members.

download your free copy

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