Fundraising Masters with Jerry Panas

Part I

key takeaways

  • Jerry covers Si Seymour’s memoranda from the 1950s and discusses 3 major changes in fundraising since then
  • Jerry’s specific formula on asking for an exact amount
  • The importance of a strong case and Jerry’s 8 Key Elements of a Case (The link is in grey)
  • The importance of listening and the power of introverts in a field where the stereotypical “star” is extremely extroverted

Jerry Panas was THE ultimate fundraising master. No one has contributed more to our field than Jerry did in his more than 60-year career. We’re delighted to make available this recording, where Jerry shed light on several important topics and answered member-submitted questions. This webinar included companion documents that can be downloaded below:

Purchase The Lost Manuscript and ASKING through Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners.

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