Fundraising Masters with Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE

Major Gift Metrics: Measuring for Success!

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PDF of the Slides
Free Metrics Worksheet: You Get What You Measure
10 Steps To Improve Major Gift Fundraising

Major Gift Metrics: Measuring for Success!

Measuring, reporting and analyzing your major gift program is critical for success in raising major gifts. While dollars raised is one important factor, it’s certainly not the only one to consider. Do you know your major gift donor retention rate? What about your ask to thank ratio? Do you know how satisfied your donors are with your programs? Do donors trust your leaders?

We’re delighted to have Amy Eisenstein back on our Fundraising Masters series. At the end of her session, you’ll know:

  • Serves as the chief fundraiser without it all falling on his/her shoulders
  • What to measure and how to measure it
  • How to set appropriate long and short term goals for your major gift program
  • How to develop dashboards for reporting to board members

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