Fundraising Masters with Andy Robinson on Building Your Group

How to Effectively Recruit and Manage Fundraising Volunteers

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Board FR Agreement
Board Job Description
Cycle of Fundraising Template
Volunteer Circles Form
Volunteer Grid Form
Volunteer Pyramid Form

How to Effectively Recruit and Manage Fundraising Volunteers

It takes a village to fundraise, yet getting people to fundraise effectively is one of our most challenging tasks. At Asking Matters we talk a lot about training, but what about recruiting the right volunteers the right way? And what about managing them once you’ve got them signed up?

Do you struggle to develop your board’s resource development committee? How about an annual fund or benefit event committee? Are you having a hard time identifying and developing effective leadership?

Watch the recording to learn how to find new fundraising volunteers and develop them into a team of committed leaders.

Topics include:

  • Identifying and filling the holes in your fundraising leadership team
  • Recruiting fundraising volunteers to join willingly and knowingly
  • Motivating and managing fundraising volunteers (and easing out ineffective ones)
  • Top tips for effective volunteer-based fundraising groups

About the Presenter: Andy Robinson

We’re delighted to have Andy Robinson back with us after his superb webinar a few years back. Andy’s been in the business for 36 years, 21 of those as a consultant to hundreds of organizations in the U.S. and Canada. He focuses on on organizations working for human rights, social justice, artistic expression, environmental conservation, and community development – all critically important topics today. Andy’s the author of six books, including his most recent, with my co-founder Andrea Kihlstedt, “Train Your Board (and Everyone Else) to Raise Money.”

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