Fundraising Masters with Brian Saber

Executive Directors and Fundraising – What’s Your Role?

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About this session

“We want you out there 80% of the time!” Sound familiar? A lot of boards are foisting the fundraising onto their ED’s without understanding the reality. 80% is impossible, but how much time should an ED spend? And how?

Whether you’re an ED, a director of development working for one, or a board chair managing one, this webinar will clarify roles, relationships and expectations. You’ll walk away understanding how the ED:

  • Serves as the chief fundraiser without it all falling on his/her shoulders
  • Manages up to the board to ensure board members are active fundraisers and the development committee is overseeing resource development strategically
  • Sets realistic expectations for fundraising staff
  • Is properly trained to serve as a frontline donor cultivator and solicitor

Brian’s been an executive director twice – once as the sole fundraiser and once with a fundraising staff of four – so he gets it.

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