Fundraising Masters with Marcy Heim

Being Authentically Thankful in a High Tech World

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Being Authentically Thankful in a High Tech World

Every donor is unique. What can you do as an organization to provide proper gift stewardship – the gift acknowledgement, tax receipt, legal paperwork? What says thank you in a way that is donor-focused and deeply meaningful? How does social media fit into this picture? We provide stewardship because the best prospects for future gifts are current donors. Well, yes, BUT the real reason for good stewardship is really…it is the right thing to do. Join my peer, Marcy, for an insightful hour on the most important step in the donor process – giving thanks!

About the Presenter: Marcy Heim – The Artful Asker

Over the course of twenty plus years of in-the-trenches major gift fundraising and management at the University of Wisconsin Foundation, Marcy Heim developed a deep respect and energy for the impact and joy philanthropy brings to our organizations, institutions and communities. Now she coaches and shares the mindset and authentic relationship-building actions so you, too, can experience major gift success and have the resources to compose your good world…and enjoy your life.

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