Major Donors and Online Giving: What’s Their Experience?

with Carrie Rice and Adam London

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Major Donors and Online Giving: What’s Their Experience?

Many of your significant donors​,​ along with ​those you consider​ “on-line donors​,​” are making their gifts online. Are you paying attention to their experience? If not, you’re at best leaving money on the table and at worst alienating ​them. All major gift fundraisers – whether major gift officer, director of development​,​ or executive director – need to understand the experience your major gift donors are having online.

Watch the recording with Carrie Rice and Adam London of Project Donor Love to learn the ins and outs of building a donation page and form that build donor relationships and maximize giving.

About the Presenters: Carrie Rice and Adam London

Carrie Rice

To Carrie, the key to any nonprofit’s success is empathy. That may seem like a given, but empathy must extend beyond a nonprofit’s constituents to all stakeholders within an organization.

After earning a master’s degree in public policy at The George Washington University, Carrie began working with nonprofits, planting the seeds of her management philosophy. Now she coaches, speaks and implements projects using her human-centered organizational model, Empathetic Nonprofit Management to improve the fundraising, efficiency, and longevity of nonprofits. Simply put, she helps nonprofits foster progress and loyalty through treating staff, board members, and donors with the same empathy that they feel toward the causes they care about.

When not spreading #DonorLove, she enjoys people-watching, long weekends in Sonoma, and using Oxford commas. You can contact Carrie at

Adam London
Adam’s passion for human-centered web design drives him to place the needs of nonprofits at the heart of his work. As a marketing technologist, Adam meshes best practices from the tech world with the fundraising goals of the nonprofit world. He believes that user-centered web design offers empathy and motivation for donors, promotes new and repeat donations, and improves daily life for nonprofit staff.

Adam has brought his expertise to national nonprofits including Guide Dogs for the Blind, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the American Red Cross. Project Donor Love will allow local, national, and even international organizations to benefit from his unique perspective.

Adam loves travel and really delicious Scotch (preferably with plenty of peat). You can contact Adam at

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