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Planned Giving: Blow Up The Black Box

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Planned Giving: Blow Up The Black Box

We’re bringing you more on planned giving because now is the time. Though in the early days of COVID-19 people were scrambling to get to the next day, as it’s progressed people have become very thoughtful about the future. People tend to update their wills and estate plans during big life moments (getting married, having kids, losing a loved one, inheriting) and COVID-19 is one of those big life moments. So now is the time to build your organization’s planned giving program.

Tony’s a lawyer by training but he’d be the first to say you don’t need a law degree — or a lot of money — to start and grow a successful planned giving program that maximizes your donor lifetime value and keeps your nonprofit sustainable. And though he’s a lawyer but he doesn’t talk like one. In plain language, he’ll explain:

  • What Planned Giving is
  • Who your best prospects are
  • Where to start, and
  • How to promote your new program
  • Then he’ll leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

You’ll learn:

  • How to kick-off your Planned Giving program
  • What to say to your Planned Giving prospects
  • Tony’s top tips for promoting your new program

About the Presenter: Tony Martignetti

Tony Martignetti is the evangelist for Planned Giving. He’s been starting and growing Planned Giving programs since 1997. A former attorney, he’s now launched Planned Giving Accelerator, a membership community to create 1,000+ new Planned Giving programs in the U.S. It’s at and @PG_Accelerator.

Tony has done stand-up comedy and promises to weave some into his presentation.

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