The Passing of Simone Joyaux

Published on May 4, 2021

Brian Saber

President of Asking Matters
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I am so saddened by the sudden passing of one of the field’s true inspirations, Simone Joyaux. Simone was in a league of her own – so bright and engaged…and outspoken. Getting to know her as a peer was a treat. I looked forward to her “Simone Uncensored” emails each month, as well as her newsletter, which always had a “Just for Fun and Life” section.

Simone was a guest presenter at Asking Matters a number of times. In honor of her passing I wanted to share those sessions with you. The first is in interview format with Andrea Kihlstedt, my co-founder and friend, and a long-time peer of Simone and her husband, Tom Ahern. The second webinar was on the heels of her book, Firing Lousy Board Members.

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