Five Steps of The Ask

Asking is more than a question. It’s a five step process. Your Asking Style impacts which steps of the ask are the easiest for you… and which ones are a challenge. Every step of the way there are best practices to follow but there are numerous ways to use your personal strengths to be more comfortable and more effective.
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No one can solicit everyone equally well and if you start with the right prospects you will be more comfortable and more effective raising funds.

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the ask

Don’t reach out to your prospects until you have what you need. The number one thing is a strong case for support crafted to reflect your Asking Style.

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set up
the meeting

If you get the meeting you’re likely to get a gift. You need to set it up in a way that makes it likely the prospect will meet. How do you do that?

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ask for
the gift

Now’s the moment. You’re in charge of this meeting – the prospect will take your lead so have you thought about how you’re going to run it?

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Whew – you got the gift…or hopefully a promise to think about it. So what do you do next? How do you follow up and close pending gifts?

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