Free Fundraising Masters on March 10th!
February 2020

Free Fundraising Masters with Carol Weisman

plus a new blog post, an Asking Styles tip,
and On the Road with Brian

Dear [First Name],

There are many taboo subjects in our world. Death is certainly at the top of the list. But ask any pro what a conversation about planned giving is about and they will unanimously tell you it’s about living, leaving a lasting legacy, and impacting the world, even after one has passed.

But how to have this conversation? Join Fundraising Master Carol Weisman to learn:

  • Who to ask
  • How to ask
  • The questions to ask
  • The words to use
  • Who you might take with you
  • …and the phrase that pays

This FREE webinar will take place on March 10th at 1pm ET.  All registrants will get a link to the recording, so register whether or not you can attend live!

Thanking your donors with a story

new blog post from Sue Kindred

Last month was all about giving thanks for the donations you received in response to your annual fund letters where you told an amazing story of how your donors helped your organization meet its mission (at least I hope you were basking in the warmth of a plethora of amazing donations).

This month we’re in the season of showing our loved ones our hearts (and certainly our donors count as “loved ones” don’t they?) What does storytelling have to do with thank you notes and Valentine’s Day? Well, it’s about making your donors feel the love. And, what makes them feel loved? Read on to find out!

Montana Folks: Does Your Board Need Fundraising Training?

I'm making my first-ever trip to Big Sky Country (hosted by the Montana Nonprofit Association) and I'm available for training and coaching April 11-14.

If you're looking to get your board involved more strategically in fundraising, or if you would like to bring some training to your staff, reach out to me and let's make it work!

Asking Styles Tip for the Month

I'm now providing a new tip on using the Asking Styles every month. Let me know when you use one!

Setting up meetings and asking for gifts is tough for most of us, and we need to find a way to power through. What motivates you?

At a recent training, someone pointed out that each Style might be motivated to power through for a different reason, so I put on my thinking cap and this is what I came up with:

  • Rainmakers power through not to fall short of the goal.
  • Go-Getter power through not to miss the opportunity of making an impact.
  • Kindred Spirits power through out of a sense of responsibility…and some guilt!
  • Mission Controllers power through because that's the plan…and the plan must be completed.

On the Road

February 2020

Oklahoma! Couldn't help but hum the title song as I headed to Oklahoma City to lead a training for the Oklahoma City Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It's always interesting working with boards and volunteer committees of fundraising entities since their number one job is fundraising. And with CFF, most of the fundraisers have immediate family members suffering with Cystic Fibrosis, so they are passionately motivated to raise money.

CFF has raised more than $3 billion in the last 20 years, and those funds have had a massive impact. A new course of drugs has been developed – one was just released in December – that are managing the disease in incredible ways. And CFF is now committed to raising $9 billion with their eye on a cure in another 20 years. Imagine, I was told, that in 20 years it is very possible someone will walk into a clinic with Cystic Fibrosis…and walk out without it. Incredible.

I'm delighted to be coaching and training a number of clients these days. I continue working with Integration Charter Schools on Staten Island, and I starting working with SoaringWords last month. SoaringWords helps people process serious illness and other tragedies by paying it forward through acts of kindness toward others. They've also created workshops to build bridges and help people come together and work together more positively, and part of each workshop is the opportunity to pay it forward by decorating pillows and quilts to deliver to sick children in hospitals.


Here's to another great year of fundraising,


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