Thanking your Donors with a Story

Published on February 3, 2020

Sue Kindred

SK Consulting
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Last month was all about giving thanks for the donations you received in response to your annual fund letters where you told an amazing story of how your donors helped your organization meet its mission (at least I hope you were basking in the warmth of a plethora of amazing donations). This month we’re in the season of showing our loved ones our hearts (and certainly our donors count as “loved ones” don’t they?)

What does storytelling have to do with thank you notes and Valentine’s Day? Well, it’s about making your donors feel the love. And, what makes them feel loved? For a start, learning how their involvement shifts and upgrades everything. How it creates change, builds momentum, connects people and solves problems. It’s not just about the money they give … it’s about WHY they give it. They give it to feel involved, to feel like an agent of change. They want to know they matter and that they make a difference through their financial support, in-kind donation, or volunteer hours.

So, rather than share stories about all the great things your organization has accomplished, about how you’ve been able to effect changes because your donors love you – shift the lens a bit and share with your donors why their involvement is helping change the world.
And telling a story is the PERFECT way to help them feel the love.

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