Welcome to the Story Corner with Sue Kindred!

We're delighted to announce Sue Kindred is now Asking Matters’ resident story expert.

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Alchemy of Storytelling

Strengthening Donor Relationships Through Story

Story brings us together. It solidifies our place in the world, helps identify a common purpose, and provides meaning to our work of creating social change. Watch this free webinar to learn how.

Six Fun Ways to Usher in the Giving Season!

Usher in the giving season right this year with these 6 fun and simple tips!

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Sue’s Top Ten: Creating Your Social Change Story

Stories are important. But do you know how to create a story that is both comfortable to tell and effective in delivering results?

Download my Top 10 to create your own story that’s worth telling, remembering, and sharing!

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On the hunt for jargon – Why we use it and why we need to stop it

Jargon works when you are speaking with others who consistently work in your field. But, if you are not speaking to someone in your field, and instead speaking to someone who really wants to understand your work, you are not going to get there by using industry jargon.

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Stories + Giving Season = Year-End Fundraising success

We all know the donations aren’t going to just pour in without a little effort on your part. What’s the secret of drawing in more of that $350 billion to your non-profit?

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Wait. What? I can make it up?

There are hundreds of reasons why we “can’t tell our story.” But there is one good reason why you can. It doesn’t have to be real. Wait. What? A made-up story? Isn’t that illegal or something? What about that authenticity??

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Where are the Stories Hiding?

Finding stories is a lot like playing hide and seek; the stories are doing the hiding and you’re doing the seeking! So, what are some of the “unwritten rules” of playing hide and seek that might help you with your search for stories?

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What is Your Most Important Storytelling Tool?

Welcome to Asking Matters’ Story Corner with Sue! I’m excited to be here. Together we’ll explore ways to find and curate stories, understand what makes a story effective, and craft them so they’re comfortable to share.

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