What is Your Most Important Storytelling Tool?

Published on July 1st, 2016

Sue Kindred

SK Consulting
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Welcome to Asking Matters’ Story Corner with Sue! I’m excited to be here.

Together we’ll explore ways to find and curate stories, understand what makes a story effective, and craft them so they’re comfortable to share. We’ll also identify strategies for teaching your board or other stakeholders how to tell compelling and persuasive stories.

To learn more and download my Top 10 – Creating Your Social Chance Story – visit The Story Corner with Sue at Asking Matters.

Stories are important. You already know that. But do you know how to create a story that is both comfortable to tell and effective in delivering results? Results such as increased engagement or funding?

There is one tool you have at your disposal that will turn your story into a STORY! A story that’s easy to tell, worth sharing, and has an impact on your listener.

What is this magic tool ? It’s YOU! Yes, YOU! Your sincere and authentic love for your organization is the best storytelling tool and it makes you just the right person to tell the story that needs telling.

visit The Story Corner with Sue

As we know, fundraising is all about relationship building. Relationships are built on trust. And, stories create the trust that allows the person you’re talking with to feel at ease … regardless of your Asking Style!

No matter whether you’re a Rainmaker or Kindred Spirit, a Go-Getter or Mission Controller, if you’re being authentic, your story will do the job!

Sue Kindred

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