Don't Ask Don't Get is back this March!
March 2019

Free 4-Part Workshop for Fundraisers!

plus Fundraising Masters, Rubber Stamps Don't Fundraise,
and On the Road with Brian!

On March 19th I’m re-launching my FREE online workshop, Don’t Ask, Don’t Get, to help fundraisers – development folks, executive directors, and anybody who asks one-on-one for donations.  Last Fall almost 2,000 people registered and came away with a richer understanding of the art and science of asking.

It starts on March 19th and I invite you to register. The workshop consists of 4 live webinars and several live discussions (both the webinars and discussions will be recorded) that you can follow along with at your own pace. It’ll help you get a whole lot more comfortable – and better – at asking for money.

Here are 8 great reasons to register:

  1. Become a lot more comfortable asking for major gifts and other funding
  2. Figure out who should be on your prospect list
  3. Determine exactly the right time to ask in the meeting – and how much to ask for – to get the best results
  4. Stop relying on special events and grants to raise critical funds
  5. Assess your own Asking Style and understand its impact
  6. Watch recordings of the webinars on your own schedule if you can't join live
  7. Participate in live Q&A sessions with Brian… or watch the recordings
  8. Learn how Asking Matters can support your fundraising journey

Please note:  When you sign up you will automatically be registered for all 4 webinars! The sessions will take place on March 19th, 21st, 25th, and 27th, and all sessions are at 1:00pm ET.

Fundraising Masters with Jeff Brooks

the only thing you need to know about fundraising

We're delighted to have our friend Jeff Brooks back for Fundraising Masters this month!

If you’re serious about raising funds, there’s really only one thing you need to keep in mind. An elite corps of fundraising superstars who work for organizations of all types and sizes know the secret, but not everyone has heard the news.

It’s this: Fundraising is about donors. Not about your organization. When you keep that in mind, it has a profound impact on your fundraising. We’ll look at some great (and not-so-great) examples, and we’ll focus on tactics that make your fundraising about donors.

This FREE webinar will take place on March 28 at 1:00pm ET.

Rubber Stamps Don't Fundraise

Are you beating your head against the wall trying to get your board fully committed to fundraising?

Do you think your board members are not making personal gifts that represent their commitment and capacity?

Do your board members begrudgingly send out invitations and solicitation letters year after year?

Does everything seem to fall on deaf ears?

Here’s why. Rubber stamps don’t fundraise!

Board’s that aren’t fully engaged in their responsibilities for fiduciary oversight and leadership in the organization can’t be expected to be fully engaged in fundraising.

Too many boards are not set up to engage board members fully. Does this sound familiar? If so, we have the solution for you.

We’ll show you how to create a top-notch board through Asking Matters’ unique electronic course, Rubber Stamps Don’t Fundraise: An Integrated Approach to Board Governance and Fundraising.

On the Road with Brian

February started off with a delightful trip to Upstate NY to work with the Opera Saratoga board. What an amazing group! When I asked the all-important question of what makes a gift "personally significant," one board member said it was a gift that caused her to forego something else. And her example was putting off foundation work on her house!! Music to my ears! And my door hangers were a big hit with General Director Larry Edelson and Development & Patron Services Director Jonathan Blalock:

I thought a gig in Arizona in February was a boon until I hit their record cold temps…and hail! Still better than NJ, and wonderful to meet the impassioned folks at The ALS Association. So many board members, other lay leaders, and staff, are involved because their loved ones have ALS or have died from this dreadful disease. Their stories set the tone for our important work together.

Here's to another great month of fundraising,


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