Don't Ask Don't Get is back on September 23rd!
September 2019

Free 4-Part Workshop for Fundraisers!

plus Fundraising Masters, Conversations with Jerry & Brian now on Apple Podcasts, and On the Road with Brian!

On September 23rd I’m re-launching my FREE online workshop, Don’t Ask, Don’t Get, to help fundraisers – development folks, executive directors, and anybody who asks one-on-one for donations.  Last Fall almost 2,000 people registered and came away with a richer understanding of the art and science of asking.

It starts on September 23rd and I invite you to register. The workshop consists of 4 live webinars and several live Q&As (both the webinars and Q&As will be recorded) you can follow at your own pace. It’ll help you get a whole lot more comfortable – and better – at asking for money.

Here are 8 great reasons to register:

  1. Become a lot more comfortable asking for major gifts and other funding
  2. Figure out who should be on your prospect list
  3. Determine exactly the right time to ask in the meeting – and how much to ask for – to get the best results
  4. Stop relying on special events and grants to raise critical funds
  5. Assess your own Asking Style and understand its impact
  6. Watch recordings of the webinars on your own schedule if you can't join live
  7. Participate in live Q&A sessions with Brian… or watch the recordings
  8. Learn how Asking Matters can support your fundraising journey

Please note:  When you sign up you will automatically be registered for all 4 webinars! The sessions will take place on September 23, 25, 27, and 30th. All sessions are at 1:00pm ET.

Fundraising Masters with Larry Johnson

what's holding you back?

Join fundraising expert Larry Johnson as he helps you refocus your work to create a sustainable, scalable and permanently successful fundraising program.

Larry believes the number one dysfunction in the nonprofit sector is not knowing, understanding and acting upon the universal natural laws of philanthropy. Period. His goal is to help you put principles before methods. Principles anyone can learn and apply, to eye-popping results.

What are they? In this session, Larry, author of the award-winning book of the same name, will share The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising, and put you on the road to that sustained, scalable, and permanent fundraising success!

This FREE webinar will take place on September 24th at 2pm ET.  All registrants will get a link to the recording, so register whether or not you can attend live.

Conversations with Jerry & Brian

now available as a podcast on iTunes!

On July 14, 2018, our field lost one of its true legends. Jerry Panas impacted fundraising for almost 70 years as a fundraiser, consultant, author, and thought leader.

When I finally convinced Jerry to sit down in 2018 for a series of talks, I had no idea these talks would constitute the bulk of Jerry’s final thoughts on the field.

I spent five days at Jerry’s home between March and June 2018, covering topics from the evolution of boards to the art of listening, from how to make the strongest case to why you didn’t get the gift.

His wife Felicity and I are honored to share these conversations with the field. All the sessions are now available on iTunes as podcasts for your convenience. Please enjoy them and share them with your peers.

On the Road with Brian

August found me in Dallas and Indianapolis, both times working with organizations that help and empower women. I was honored to be asked by Planned Parenthood to lead workshops at their national development conference. What amazing people, putting their safety on the line every day to provide women the health and wellness support they need.

In Indianapolis I worked with the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation, whose board, staff and 220,000+ alumnae raise funds to provide scholarships and leadership opportunities, as well as support critically important programs including those combating domestic violence and enlightening women about unhealthy relationships.


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