Prepare the Ask

Don’t reach out to your prospects until you have done your work. A strong case for support crafted to reflect your Asking Style is most important. Have you practiced it and made it your own? What about donor research and figuring out how much to ask for – – what’s the “right” amount to request?

Check Out These Great Resources That Will Help You Prepare the Ask

Asking Matters is Helping Members Become Better Askers!

“I have used many of the methods outlined on the Asking Matters website and in their webinars to inform my colleagues on best practices in making an ask.  In identifying my asking style and others’ in the office, we are now more aware of our strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly when visiting a donor. Novice or expert, Asking Matters is truly a great tool for anyone in the fundraising world.”

Gina Rindfleisch
Program Officer
EcoLogic Development Fund

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