6 Tips: Turn Your Campaign Volunteers Into Successful Askers

Published on January 20, 2017

Andrea Kihlstedt

Capital Campaign Masters
Asking Matters Expert
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Volunteer solicitors are key to the success of your campaign. Here are six tips that will help you turn your campaign volunteers into effective askers.

  • Reframe the solicitation task. The volunteer’s job is to get people to say “How can I help?” Then the discussion of a gift becomes simple.
  • Set up practice asks with donors who already plan to give. Make sure both the volunteer and the donor know it’s practice but that the results will be real.
  • Develop very clear, simple and brief materials. And make sure you review them with your volunteers and try them out in a mock ask.
  • Offer to go with your volunteers the first few times.
  • Stay in close touch with them during the entire process—preparing for meetings, setting them up, and following through.
  • Celebrate every successful ask by a volunteer solicitor.

What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

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What Campaign Challenges Are You Struggling With

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Andrea Kihlstedt
President, Capital Campaign Masters

Andrea Kihlstedt is Asking Matter’s Capital Campaign Expert. To see more from her, visit Capital Campaigns with Andrea Kihlstedt.

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