Why we need stories now more than ever

Published on August 3, 2020

Sue Kindred

SK Consulting
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You’re exhausted. There are so many things that are requiring your attention and your energy these days. And some days – maybe even most days – it’s too much. Whether it’s within your organization, your community, the nonprofit sector, or even at home, your ability to lead is becoming increasingly difficult. You are being asked to show up, step up, and speak up, often in ways you’ve not been asked before. And you’re exhausted.

So, why do stories matter right now? What makes your stories important now more than ever before? As a leader in the nonprofit sector, and as a resource in your community, you are one of the many voices of our collective conscience. Your voice – and your message – matter. It helps the rest of us stay grounded in meaningful work and it reenergizes us when we’re overwhelmed. And, stories are the best way to get your message out to a wider audience – and to make sure that message sticks with the rest of us. Whether you are sharing the message about why your nonprofit is so essential in this time of Covid … or whether you are stepping into a conversation about social justice issues, or talking about something else entirely, only a story will allow the message to pierce the chaos of chatter and noise. A good story connects with your intended audience and a great story touches us in ways we don’t expect. It keeps us connected in a world that is increasingly making those connections difficult.

Your story should be personal, emotional, and specific. And always be sure you end with a call to action. Alone is hard. Together is better. And together, by telling and sharing our collective stories, we will keep bringing change to a world that desperately needs it right


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