Asking Matters Membership is Now Open!
April 2019

Asking Matters Membership is Now Open!

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Do you feel anxious asking people for money, but you know you need to do it anyway? You know it’s important, but the entire process ties you up in knots.

I get it! I’ve been in the fundraising business for decades and I still get anxious when I have to ask somebody for a donation face-to-face.

If this is you, I hope you’ll join me on Wednesday, April 3rd at 1:00pm ET for a free webinar where I will talk about why so many of us feel so anxious about “the ask” and exactly what we can do about it. If you missed our Don't Ask, Don't Get workshop, or just want a succinct recap of how you can become a more comfortable fundraiser, this webinar is for you!


We also have another important annoucement: Asking Matters membership is open for the first time since October – and you can join today!

Membership at Asking Matters is only open until April 5th, 2019. Be sure not to miss out, as I won't be opening membership back up until sometime this Fall.

We’ve added a whole bunch of new members to Asking Matters this week and I hope you’ll join them. But maybe you’re on the fence?

If so, I’ve got a surprise for you. If you sign up for Asking Matters by Friday at 1:00pm ET you’ll get THREE awesome bonuses!

  • FREE ebook: “Inspire Your Board to Fundraise” – value $19.95
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    • You will get the recording if you can’t attend live
  • Raffle: Win one of 5 copies of my book “Asking Styles: Revolutionize Your Fundraising” – value $29.95

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To Take Notes in Meetings with Donors or Not…

new post on the Asking Matters blog

We tend to be cautious in fundraising. We know upsetting a donor can have grave repercussions, and we do almost anything to keep our donors happy.

That often means being ultra-conservative in our actions, which is sometimes to our detriment. One such case if not taking notes for fear of a donor being put off by it.  However if we don’t take notes, chances are we will forget or misremember important information. We all know how quickly we forget what we’ve heard. Taking notes is a simple solution – and I have some best practices for your next donor meeting!

Rubber Stamps Don't Fundraise

Are you beating your head against the wall trying to get your board fully committed to fundraising?

Do you think your board members are not making personal gifts that represent their commitment and capacity? Do your board members begrudgingly send out invitations and solicitation letters year after year? Does everything seem to fall on deaf ears?

Here’s why. Rubber stamps don’t fundraise!

Board’s that aren’t fully engaged in their responsibilities for fiduciary oversight and leadership in the organization can’t be expected to be fully engaged in fundraising. Too many boards are not set up to engage board members fully. Does this sound familiar? If so, we have the solution for you.

We’ll show you how to create a top-notch board through Asking Matters’ unique electronic course, Rubber Stamps Don’t Fundraise: An Integrated Approach to Board Governance and Fundraising.

On the Road with Brian

Amazing how the season ebbs and flows. After lots of travel in January and February, March found me close to home. I spent time with local clients The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey and United Way of Essex and West Hudson Counties, which represent two passions of mine – the arts and social services!

Now I'm gearing up to head to Indianapolis, Indiana and Lincoln, Nebraska. I've never been to Nebraska and am excited to visit, however briefly. I'll then have only seven states I've never been to, so I'm looking for invites from The Dakotas, Wyoming, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Hawaii!

Next year, when my son is off to college, I plan to take extra time to explore wherever I go. Enough flying in and out under the cover of darkness!

Here's to another great month of fundraising,


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