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Dear [First Name],

Do you feel anxious asking people for money, but you know you need to do it anyway? You know it’s important, but the entire process ties you up in knots.  We've been talking about that a lot in the Don't Ask, Don't Get Workshop these past two weeks.

If this is you, and you haven't been able to participate in Don't Ask, Don't Get to date, I hope you’ll join me tomorrow, August 4th at 1:00pm ET for a free recap webinar where I will talk about why so many of us feel so anxious about “the ask” and exactly what we can do about it.

If you missed our Don't Ask, Don't Get workshop, or just want a succinct recap of how you can become a more comfortable fundraiser, this webinar is for you!


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Why we need stories now more than ever

new blog post from Sue Kindred

You’re exhausted. There are so many things that are requiring your attention and your energy these days. And some days – maybe even most days – it’s too much. Whether it’s within your organization, your community, the nonprofit sector, or even at home, your ability to lead is becoming increasingly difficult.

You are being asked to show up, step up, and speak up, often in ways you’ve not been asked before. And you’re exhausted. So, why do stories matter right now? What makes your stories important now more than ever before?

The Jerry and Brian Tapes: What Makes a Great Fundraiser?

Jerry started out identifying 102 traits of a great fundraiser and eventually whittled that down to twelve for his iconic book “Born to Raise.”

How many of the twelve do you possess?

And you’ll be surprised to learn how Jerry got into fundraising considering he was on a pre-med track in college.

Asking Styles Tip for the Month

Asking Styles & Board Teamwork

What’s your board’s Asking Style profile and how is that impacting the group’s cohesiveness and the quality of its work? Is your board skewed toward one Style or another? Toward analytics or intuitives? Extroverts or introverts?

At your next board meeting (virtual or in-person), watch the dynamic through the Asking Style lens to make sure everyone feels heard and respected. If there are issues, consider having everyone take the Asking Style Assessment and then discuss the results together.

On the Road at Home

Now that everyone is getting their bearings and moving forward, I am starting to conduct trainings again – which is great! Delighted to be working with the board and staff of Children's Rights, where I recently led the first part of a multi-session fundraising training. Children's Rights "investigates, exposes and combats violations of the rights of children across the country." They do amazingly important work. As a CASA volunteer working with foster children, I see children's rights violated all the time. Even when the "system" is trying its best it often falls short, and children fall through the cracks and can be ripped from their families unnecessarily. Thank you, Children's Rights, for fighting for those without a voice.

And two days ago I led a 2.5- hour virtual training for the Children's Tumor Foundation's national volunteer corps. Did you know that neurofibromitosis, which causes tumors to grow on the body's nerves, effects one in 3,000 people in the world? The Foundation is doing amazing work funding research, helping patients, and helping everyone understand this devastating disease.

With all my good thoughts,


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