May 2021

Honoring Simone Joyaux

 plus in-person training this summer, a video from Joe Tumolo, the next Jerry Panas recording, and On the Road

Dear [First Name],

I am so saddened by the sudden passing of one of the field's true inspirations, Simone Joyaux. Simone was in a league of her own – so bright and engaged…and outspoken. Getting to know her as a peer was a treat. I looked forward to her "Simone Uncensored" emails each month, as well as her newsletter, which always had a "Just for Fun and Life" section.

Simone was a guest presenter at Asking Matters a number of times. In honor of her passing I wanted to share those sessions with you. The first is in interview format with Andrea Kihlstedt, my co-founder and friend, and a long-time peer of Simone and her husband, Tom Ahern. The second webinar was on the heels of her book, Firing Lousy Board Members.

In-Person Board Trainings Available this Summer

limited spots available, don't miss out!

Imagine: Your Board All Together in Person Again. It’s been a long time coming, but for many organizations this summer will be the moment to strive for more normalcy. What a moment that will be.

Your board needs that normalcy and I’d like to be a part of it. I am offering in-person, outdoor trainings all summer …and I’m willing to travel the country to do them.

What would you like to accomplish with your board?

  • Train them to be more comfortable and effective fundraisers
  • Build camaraderie and teamwork
  • Plan for the coming year
  • Wrestle with longer-term strategic issues
  • Finally meet new board members in person
  • Socialize

Interested in bringing your board back together…and moving it ahead?

Advice from Our Training Expert Joe Tumolo

take your donor's temperature

Asking Matters' Planned Giving & Training Expert Joe Tumolo shares a tip for keeping in touch with your donors and gauging their feelings. Watch the 2-minute video below to learn more!

The Jerry and Brian Tapes: Rapid Questions

Recorded May 24th, 2018

One day we agreed that I’d just throw out a bunch of classic fundraising questions and Jerry would give quick answers.

From “can you take more than two people to a solicitation meeting?” to “what are the key elements of every ask?” this fun session covered a lot of ground.

On The Road

May 2021

Well, I finally made it to Montana…virtually! A year later I got to spend the week with amazing organizations and hundreds of participants from around the state, leading both a 4-part staff training and a 3-part board training.

I keep talking about silver linings in the pandemic and this was one of them. Originally I would have been leading a 6-hour training, mostly for staff, in each of three cities. But virtually we were able to spread those trainings over a number of days and build a separate, board-appropriate series as well. Thanks to the Montana Nonprofit Association for being an amazing virtual host!

Here's to your continued fundraising success,


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