November 2020

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plus Fundraising 101, the next Jerry Panas recording, a new blog series with Michael Davidson, an Asking Styles Tip, & On the Road

Dear [First Name],

I am so proud to announce the publication of my second book, Boards and Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success.

For more than 35 years I’ve been working with nonprofit boards, helping them make the biggest impact they can. Today that impact is more important than ever as so many of our dearest organizations struggle for survival.

This book will be a quick win for you and your organization. I’ve written it directly to board members, but everyone working with a board will learn from it.

In the book, I use the Asking Styles to help you navigate board service individually and collectively.

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For the next two weeks I will personally inscribe copies of Boards and Asking Styles, and ship them for free. If you’d like an inscribed copy (or multiple copies each with an individual inscription) click below:

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You can also buy the book or ebook at Amazon.

Coming to an Electronic Device Near You: My Virtual Tour
From the comfort of your home or office please join me as I read from the book, talk about key concepts, and answer questions in Zoom conference rooms. No purchase necessary. There are four dates to choose from.

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Fundraising 101 for Board Members

get your whole board involved in the new year

Are your board members not helping to cultivate relationships and ask for gifts? Do you find it difficult to get your board to understand its role in "giving and getting"?

I can help change that…

Kick off 2021 in high gear with my highly-praised Fundraising 101 webinars, created to teach your board how they can play a bigger role and make an impact.

If your board members struggle to… 

“give and get” to the best of their ability
feel comfortable being involved in fundraising
understand the impact of having everyone actively involved in fundraising

…then Fundraising 101 is for you! And best of all, your board members can each choose a date and time that works best for each of them as I run the identical live webinar three times! 

Tuesday, January 12th 2021: 3-4pm ET
Wednesday, January 13th 2021: 7-8pm ET
Thursday, January 14th 2021: 1-2pm ET                                      

The Jerry and Brian Tapes: Preparing for the Ask

When you know a donor well, it’s easier to prepare for a meeting.

What if you don’t know everything you want to know? How much can you find out during the meeting?

Learn from Jerry how he prepared for meetings.

Five Best Board Practices (Especially During COVID-19)

a new blog series from Michael Davidson and me

Michael DavidsonThe time to strengthen your board is now, even with everything else on your plate. During the pandemic, critical issues are constantly arising for non-profits, and if your board is not working efficiently and strategically as a team, it can’t take ownership of the issues.

For some organizations this alone could cause their demise. When the pandemic itself is over, it will be a time to rebuild and grow.

The stronger your board is now, the better positioned you will be to thrive in the future. Michael Davidson and I are bringing this series of blog posts to them to help build the strongest board possible at this time. The first three posts of our five-post series are out now, and you can read them on the blog:

Asking Styles Tip for the Month

People often ask if one’s Style can change over time. I believe we come wired a certain way and over the years we learn to adapt.

For Instance, It might feel as if you’ve become more analytic or intuitive than you were before, but chances are you’ve just learned how to manage best in the world.

Tak executive directors.  Many executive directors are promoted from the program side. While some have strong analytic sides, that is not always the case. Now, as the top banana, they’ve got to figure out how to direct and oversee those functions. So, they work hard to put on their analytic, planful, systematic hats, though at heart they might still gut-driven intuitives.

On the Road from Home

Fall 2020

I'm enjoying using my new Asking Styles whiteboard for trainings. It allows me to teach all sorts of material. And when staff and volunteers map out their Asking Styles, as I've done here, it's one "aha" moment after another.

Last Friday, one of my members told me her staff took the Assessment and she found out almost everyone is a Mission Controller. She's a Rainmaker. What do you think her challenges might be?

I worked with a number of ongoing clients this month, including Volunteers of America and The Harold Grinspoon Foundation. The Life & Legacy Program of the Foundation is providing Asking Matters membership and access to our asking course to its entire network of 700 organizations – very exciting!

Here's to another great month of fundraising,


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