Free Fundraising Masters on October 20th!
October 2020

Free Fundraising Masters with Bib Tiede

plus an update on my book, Fundraising 101, the next Jerry Panas recording, a podcast from Sue and Joe, & On the Road

Dear [First Name],

I'm so excited to be releasing my second book, Boards and Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success, later this month!

In it I share with you how to use the Asking Styles to better understand a board's dynamics, help it work together more effectively, build camaraderie and, of course, fundraise more effectively.

The book is written specifically to and for board members. If you're a board member, I think this book will be a really helpful lens into how you operate, what you can bring to your board, where your strengths are, and how you can work collaboratively in the most effective way.

If you're a staff member or consultant, I promise the book will give you endless "aha" moments that give you the perspective and tools you need to help steer a board.

I expect the book to be out in the next few weeks, and then I'll be doing a virtual book tour (coming to an electronic device near you!). To be the first to know when it's out and when the tour is taking place, sign up below.

Fundraising Masters with Bob Tiede

fundraising with questions

Fundraising is not as much about presenting as it is about conversing. A fundraiser who initiates conversations with donors and prospects will be much more effective than one who only presents.

Would you like to increase your fundraising effectiveness in 8 seconds? If so, don’t miss this Fundraising Masters session with Bob Tiede. True to his brand – Bob will be asking you lots of questions!

This time will be much more an “experience” than a “presentation” (his words!) You’ll come away poised to:

  • ask amazing questions
  • build better relationships
  • make your donors feel special

BONUS: Everyone who registers will be given free access to download ALL of Bob’s eBooks and audiobooks.

This FREE webinar will take place on October 20th at 2pm ET. All registrants will get a link to the recording, so register whether or not you can attend live!

Fundraising 101 for Board Members

get your whole board involved this fall

Are your board members not helping to cultivate relationships and ask for gifts? Do you find it difficult to get your board to understand its role in "giving and getting"?

I can help change that…

Just in time for Fall are my highly-praised Fundraising 101 webinars, created to teach your board how they can play a bigger role and make an impact.

If your board members struggle to… 

“give and get” to the best of their ability
feel comfortable being involved in fundraising
understand the impact of having everyone actively involved in fundraising

…then Fundraising 101 is for you! And best of all, your board members can each choose a date and time that works best for each of them as I run the identical live webinar three times! 

Monday, November 9th, 2-3pm ET
Tuesday, November 10th, 7-8pm ET
Wednesday, November 11th, 1-2pm ET                                        

The Jerry and Brian Tapes: The Art of Listening

You know listening is critical in fundraising, but how much should you listen?

How do you make sure you spend your time listening?

As Jerry says, “no one ever listens themselves out of a gift.”

Sue Kindred and Joe Tumolo discuss storytelling:

refocus your fundraising strategies with storytelling

How great that two Asking Matters Experts got together to discuss telling a great story. Joe Tumolo and Sue Kindred spent 30 minutes talking about why stories are so important and what the "secret sauce" is. Check it out.

On the Road from Home

October 2020

I certainly covered a lot of ground in September staying at home!

This was my second year leading a session for my buddy Andy Hamingson's graduate theater management class at the Yale School of Drama, though this year it was by Zoom. The students again were incredibly engaged, though this year we couldn't compare notes on the amazing theatre we'd seen.

My proposed in-person training with the Billings Public Library Foundation morphed into a two-part virtual training with the first part last month. Library folks are such a passionate and dedicated bunch and I enjoyed hearing them talk about why they're so passionate about the Library.

I also lead virtual trainings for two great clients – Boys Hope, Girls Hope and NAYDO (North American YMCA Development Organization).

By the way, I'm loving Zoom breakout rooms. People don't have to move to different spaces or find quiet corners…and I don't have to keep saying "OK, it's time to come back together"! The room closes and they're back!

Here's to another great month of fundraising,


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