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January 2019

Rubber Stamps Don't Fundraise is Here!

Introducing a brand new electronic course designed

to maximize your board's efforts and effectiveness!

Rubber Stamps Don’t Fundraise is here! Time to get your board Inspired to give and fundraise.

Are you struggling to get your board to have the buy-in you need?

Are you spinning your wheels getting board members involved in fundraising?

Is your board not functioning at an optimum level?

Now imagine what your organization could accomplish if you had a completely committed board where everyone was inspired to make personally significant gifts and fundraise to the best of their ability.

That organization can be your organization.

Rubber Stamps Don’t Fundraise is the FIRST and ONLY online course that addresses your governance issues with an eye toward creating a committed fundraising board AND leads you through the development of a detailed action plan.

And it’s a course that you can do on your own OR with a team…even your entire board…for the same fee. All for $495 – not even 2% of what it would cost to engage a consultant to do this work with you!

Rubber Stamps Don’t Fundraise goes live next week. And we’re offering $100 off for a limited period!

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The Asking Style Webinars are Back!

Learn to use your Asking Style to close bigger gifts
February 4-7, 2019

Are you a Rainmaker? Go-Getter? Kindred Spirit? Mission Controller?

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how to ask based on your Asking Style.

A few times a year Brian Saber leads 75-minute webinars on each of the four Asking Styles, so you can go deep.  He'll cover how to use your Asking Style to:

choose your best prospects
develop your strong case for support
figure out your best asking partners
set up the meeting comfortably and effectively
lead a powerful solicitation

Learn more and register for your Asking Style webinar.

Don't know your Asking Style? Take our free 3-minute assessment to find yours today!

Only $49 before January 18th! Save $10 off the full price!

"Applying the Asking Styles has really helped us. We're at 85% of our staff-derived revenue goal with 4 months to go in the fiscal year; last year at this point, we weren't quite at 50%!"

Scott Koskoski, Former Director of Major and Planned Gifts
Morris Animal Hospital, Denver

What happens if you miss your webinar?  You'll get a link to the recording and a PDF of the slides and the bonus materials, so you won't miss a thing!

FREE Webinar: Fundraising Masters with Marcy Heim

Being Authentically Thankful in a High-Tech World

Every donor is unique. What can you do as an organization to provide proper gift stewardship – the gift acknowledgement, tax receipt, legal paperwork? What says thank you in a way that is donor-focused and deeply meaningful? How does social media fit into this picture?

We provide stewardship because the best prospects for future gifts are current donors. Well, yes, BUT the real reason for good stewardship is really…it is the right thing to do.

Join my peer, Marcy Heim, for an insightful hour on the most important step in the donor process – giving thanks! This FREE webinar will take place on January 29th at 1:00pm ET.

Bad Fundraising Starts Early –

Forcing Our Children to Fundraise

Sometimes it’s challenging being a fundraising expert, because it makes it harder to put up with awful fundraising. And there’s a lot of it to go around!

Yesterday, I got my umpteenth request to support a friend’s child’s activity. From Girl Scouts to sports teams to the community service project du jour, it seems kids are now in perpetual fundraising mode.

My friends often give me a head’s up to let me know I don’t have to make a gift — I’ve even been told to just not pick up the phone. Well, who’s going to do that?! Putting the screws on someone who can’t say no is not good fundraising. If I’m being uncharitable (pun intended), I’d say it’s not even fundraising — it’s extortion.

Recommended Books

January 2019

One of the nice parts of being off the road for six weeks was catching up on my reading. Read a fascinating book called Reinforcements – How to Get People to Help You by Heidi Grant. Incredible insights into why asking for help can be so powerful, how to do it the right way, and more. I especially appreciated this thought, which is at the heart of why board quid pro quo fundraising is so troubling: "Although researchers have found that there are loads of psychic benefits to being helpful…those benefits evaporate when someone feels compelled to help."

I also read Hyperfocus – How to Be More Productive in a World of Distraction by Chris Bailey. He talks about how to laser-focus on what's most important, as well as how to "scatterfocus," which is when we're at our most creative. It reminded me of Beth Kanter's powerful Fundraising Masters webinar last August on how to be heathy of mind. It's all about keeping our eye on the prize – productivity and peace of mind.

Here's to another great year of fundraising,


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