March 2021

Train Everyone at Your Organization this Spring!

 new staff and board training packages, the next Jerry Panas recording, best board practices blog series, and "On the Road"

Dear [First Name],

To start off this Spring fundraising season, we're excited to offer a new training option: Asking Matters Memberships for your entire organization! Now you can get a membership at Asking Matters for each of your team members at a reduced rate. Everyone involved will learn new things every week to share with the team, keep asking front and center on their radar screen, and be inspired by other members in our community.

Best of all, there are three tiers of membership to choose from. So no matter where you and your team are in your fundraising efforts, there's a package that will suit you!

  • Basic Membership: This cost-effective membership can help get your staff more comfortable asking for gifts and building relationships for your organization. We will get you set up with memberships for your selected team members or everyone at the organization.
  • Membership Plus: Along with Basic Memberships, we'll create a custom landing page with all four 35-minute Asking Styles recorded trainings. Team members can access any and all of them at any time.
  • Premium Membership: Have your staff dig in deep at their own pace by taking the best online self-guided Asking Course. Get all the skills and tools your team needs to be super successful, in a year-long course. Includes everything above.

Train Your Board to Fundraise…So They Can Do It Right

asking styles trainings for the entire board

It’s more important than ever for board members to work with staff to develop resources for your organization. And they can and will do it, but only with training and only if asked to do smart, strategic fundraising.

Asking them to fundraise without training will only make them push back or do it and feel anxious and inadequate. Asking them to hit up everyone they know stinks for them and won’t get you anywhere in the long run.

Learning about the Asking Styles and how to apply them to fundraising will strengthen your entire board, which is why we've developed this fundraising package:

Asking Styles Training for Boards

  • Your organization gets a permanent customized, branded landing page.
  • Each board member has direct access to watch the 35-minute recorded training for their Style and complete a worksheet.
  • Board members can watch any and all trainings as often as they like.
  • Each time you bring on a new board member, watching their training can be part of your onboarding process.
  • Package includes three step-by-step exercises to conduct with your board at virtual or in-person board meetings.

You can preview a sample landing page here!

Where are you at? How can I help you help your board?

Any questions, please reach out to me at

Five Best Board Practices (Especially During COVID-19)

a blog series from Michael Davidson and me

Michael DavidsonThe time to strengthen your board is now, even with everything else on your plate. During the pandemic, critical issues are constantly arising for nonprofits, and if your board is not working efficiently and strategically as a team, it can’t take ownership of the issues.

For some organizations this alone could cause their demise. When the pandemic itself is over, it will be a time to rebuild and grow.

The stronger your board is now, the better positioned you will be to thrive in the future. Michael Davidson and I created this series of blog posts to help  you build the strongest board possible at this time. You can read the entire five-part series on our blog:

The Jerry and Brian Tapes: Board Evolution

Recorded April 8th, 2018

We came back to the subject of boards because they’re so critical to fundraising.

Here Jerry talked about how boards evolve and what that means for their composition. How do you evaluate board members to ensure they are performing well? And how does the board evaluate a CEO, especially a long-serving one?

On the Road…From Home

March 2021

I had the extraordinary good fortune to spend the winter in Palm Springs, CA. I don't think I've ever been so grateful in my life. I am now back in New Jersey and have promised everyone I will not complain about the weather!

Through my dear friend and desert resident, Shelley Kaplan, I was introduced to various non-profit leaders and have begun working with the Cathedral City Senior Center and The Joslyn Center (another senior center, located in Palm Desert and serving the surrounding communities). Geoff Corbin and Jack Newby are dynamite executive directors, and they were the first two clients I have seen live and in-person (outside) in a year, which was a treat.

I am also now working with the Elgin Math & Science Academy (Illinois), the Kennedy Children's Center (NYC), and Nature and Culture International (San Diego). Check them out!


Here's to another successful month of fundraising,


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