Free Fundraising Masters on September 17th!
September 2020

Free Fundraising Masters with Tony Martignetti

plus an AM Experts update, the next Jerry Panas recording,
an Asking Styles tip & On the Road with Brian

Dear [First Name],

We’re bringing you more on planned giving because now is the time. Though in the early days of COVID-19 people were scrambling to get to the next day, as it’s progressed people have become very thoughtful about the future. People tend to update their wills and estate plans during big life moments (getting married, having kids, losing a loved one, inheriting) and COVID-19 is one of those big life moments. So now is the time to build your organization’s planned giving program.

Tony’s a lawyer by training but he’d be the first to say you don’t need a law degree — or a lot of money — to start and grow a successful planned giving program that maximizes your donor lifetime value and keeps your nonprofit sustainable. And though he’s a lawyer he doesn’t talk like one. In plain language, he’ll explain:

  • What planned giving is
  • Who your best prospects are
  • Where to start, and
  • How to promote your new program

Then he’ll leave plenty of time to answer your questions!

This FREE webinar will take place on September 17th at 1pm ET. All registrants will get a link to the recording, so register whether or not you can attend live!

Great Stuff from Asking Matters Experts

check out what our resident experts have been up to!

I wanted to give our great experts some visibility and make sure you’re aware of the great work they’re doing in the field. I can’t tell you how much I respect these top-notch professionals, and how lucky I am to call them my peers:

Michael Davidson
Board Governance Expert

Attention Fundraising Consultants: A Board Master Class Just for You Coming Soon
Imagine having a mentor to help you problem solve your clients' board issues? Michael is leading a 5-session master class this fall specifically to help fundraising consultants help their clients with their board governance issues.

What a great concept, as board issues often arise when addressing fundraising challenges, and that's not an area of expertise for most fundraising consultants. Limited to 5 participants. For more info, contact Michael at

Andrea Kihlstedt
Capital Campaigns Expert

Free 30-Minute Campaign Consultation
Andrea wrote the book – literally. It's the book I return to again and again when I do campaign work. And now she’s got an amazing new product, the Capital Campaign Toolkit, which helps organizations chart their own course.

You may or may not want the product, but if you’re considering a campaign you'll want the free strategy session. Andrea will get at the core of whatever you’re wrestling with and set you off on the right direction. Check out Capital Campaign Toolkit and grab your 30 minutes:

Sue Kindred
Storytelling Expert

Five Super Helpful New Trainings
Sue has created five 2-hour online training courses to help nonprofits navigate their leadership, their vision and their storytelling as we figure out what's next.

I’m particularly intrigued by “Is Your Vision Bold Enough” and "Refocusing Your Fundraising Strategy Through Effective Storytelling.” Yes, it’s a time of crisis for our non-profit world, and focusing on the future, thinking big and having exciting plans will save the day. Check out Sue’s trainings. (and her 60-minute virtual consult for $75) at

Group Pricing Now Available at Asking Matters!

get great deals on membership and the asking course

Are you hoping to up your fundraising game for your whole organization this giving season? We're here to help! We've had a ton of requests for group rates on Asking Matters Membership and THE Asking Course, and we listened.

Now you can get a steeply discounted rate when you have multiple people (or everyone!) at your organization sign up for membership or the course. We will work with you to get the best price possible on a per-case basis, so contact us directly to see how we can help.

The Jerry and Brian Tapes: Why You Didn't Get the Gift

During our time together in 2018 Jerry specifically asked to talk about this topic – all the reasons you didn’t get a gift.

Of course, you can’t get a gift if you don’t ask, but what other mistakes can you make? Can you ask for too much or too little?

Listen to our conversation on this important topic to hear his thoughts.

Asking Styles Tip for the Month

asking styles & virtual training

Now that most training is virtual, it's important to factor in how different people interact remotely based on their Asking Style. Introverts prefer one-to-one and small group training, so use breakout rooms as much as possible to encourage their participation.

Also encourage everyone to type using the chat and question functions as introverts will be more likely to type in a response than to “interrupt” the verbal discussion with their thoughts.

On the (Remote) Road

september 2020

A quiet month.

The usual client work and webinars but no big trainings, which gave me the chance to finish "Boards and Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success," coming this month!

Spent the last four days on the beach by myself (met a few nice friendly deer) thinking about the future… and book #3!


Here's to another great month of fundraising,


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